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Markets We’ve Attended in the Past 6 Years!

At Al-Wafa shop, we believe in the power of nature and the benefits of using natural and organic ingredients for your skin and hair! Al-Wafa has so many different types of unique soaps to pamper your skin and hair. There are cold process soaps, lavender soaps, and even soaps for men! The soaps smell lavish and have wonderful colors. All of our soaps are organic, handmade, and very high-quality.

But that's not all! Al-Wafa shop also has nourishing skincare products to make your skin feel nice and fresh. Whether you are looking for a gentle cleanser, moisturizing goat milk lotions, refreshing oud and white musk perfumes, or just cold pressed soaps with a pleasant aroma, we have something for you!

Best handmade soap bars

But Al-Wafa shop is not just an online store. We have attended various types of markets in the past six years to give you a chance to try and smell our large variety of products. We love interacting with our customers and getting to know more about them! There are multiple products you can check out and try for yourself at the markets we attend.

Al-Wafa’s Homemade Lavender Soap

Our homemade lavender soap is just one of our unique products! Lavender soap is great for relieving stress and even treating cuts, wounds, and insect bites! Lavender soap can also smoothen your skin and make it glow. Take a bath with this calm, refreshing soap to help you unwind after a long, stressful and hard working day. 

 Al-Wafa’s White Musk and Oud Perfumes

Al-Wafa has a very large collection of musk and oud perfumes. Our shop has many different types of musks, each with a unique smell. We have white musk, pomegranate musk, rose oud, zafran oud, and even more! Our musk and oud perfumes have very refreshing and unique fragrances. 

Especially our white musk! The white musk is made in Saudi Arabia and is alcohol free. You can apply the musk on both your skin and clothing. This musk is a favorite of the east, and is liked and used by men and women!

Al-Wafa’s Goat Milk Lotion

The all natural handmade premium goat milk lotion we provide deeply moisturizes your skin, unlike normal lotions. This lotion is perfect for dry, chaffed hands from harsh, crisp winter weather and continuous handwashing. There are different scents you can choose from to use the goat milk lotion!

Our shop has multiple products you can choose from for your daily skincare routine! They are all refreshing, calming, and fragranceful. Our soaps and lotions are handmade, high-quality, and with multiple different smells to choose from. Come visit us at the markets we attend to smell and try out our wonderful premium products in person!

Best handmade soap bars

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I was so happy to meet you sara at your last market, i love all your products.

Faten Ali

The best products ever. Love you

Sama alazzeh

Good luck, best products 😍


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