Little soaper’s kit
Little soaper’s kit
Little soaper’s kit

Little soaper’s kit

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Let your kids make their own soaps with yummy scent & beautiful colors. Alwafa little crafter’s kit is designed to be smart and fun activity for children under adult supervision that provide a natural way to work and learn together through purposeful science based play.

excellent activity for both girls & boys. This kit has it all to ensure your kids can have fun and make their own soaps for playing, sharing and gifting.

This kit contains everything your child needs to make soaps:

• 2 bags of soap chunks.

• 2 soap molds.

• 2 liquid color bottles.

• 1 final touch spray.

•1 fragnance bottle.

• 2 wood sticks.

• 2 plastic droppers.

• a list with all the ingredients and the steps to make the soap

* each bag of soap chunks makes 1 soap bar.

recommended for kids over 4 years old.

adults will enjoy it too. 



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