Natural deodorant
Natural deodorant

Natural deodorant

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Hand made natural Aluminum and parabens free Deodorant works to help neutralize odor and obsorb wetness.

Keeps you fresh all day and its paste formula does not leave white marks on clothes.

Comes in stick container.

Ingredients : coconut oil, organic arrowroot, beeswax, Kaolin, ZnO, bentonite.

- No Parabens

- No Aluminum 

- Gulten free

- No phthalates

How to use: Apply this antiperspirant deodorant to dry skin after showering or bathing and enjoy fresh and comfortably dry skin all day long. For best results, make sure your underarm skin is cool and completely dry before applying, and give each underarm a few swipes for even coverage.

Use within 9 months from purchasing date.

net weight 2.5 oz

Safety Warning: for external use only. Rub a very small amount on your elbow to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes,keep out of your children.

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